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An ENT specialist is your physician for every season of the year independent of your age. Otorhinolaryngologists have special expertise in diagnosing and managing diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, pharynx and oral cavity.
When will you consult us?
When you have a painful throat, ear, head, or face.
During episodes of fever, runny nose, blocked nose or ears.
When you have an upper respiratory tract infection (viral infection, common cold, flu)
If you have nasal polyps.
During episodes of annoying allergies (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, cough).
If you snore, or have sleep apnea.
At a loss of smell (hyposmia - anosmia)
During bouts of dizziness, vertigo or balance disorders.
Decreased hearing or tinnitus.
When you have ear discharge.
When troubled by a cough, hoarseness or vocal disorders.
Difficulty in swallowing.
When experiencing throat discomfort after meals (reflux)
When you want to get rid of moles or skin blemishes.