The protocol for smoking cessation consists of six sessions.

Smoking Cessation is not a difficult task if you are treated at EViasis medical centre. Improve your physical and mental health after as little as 6 weeks of being smoke-free.

A complete medical history is taken and an ENT examination takes place in the first session.

You will constantly be under medical supervision, as you complete the therapeutic protocol. The protocol consists of 5 sessions of holistic medical acupuncture and auricular acupuncture in combination with special organic medicinal essential oils and herbs.

Smoking Cessation.Eviasis.ent

Smoking Cessation

The treatment starts on a Monday where the first three sessions are completed. ie.

Complete ENT medical examination, ear acupuncture and body acupuncture.

The next three sessions take place on Wednesday, Friday and Monday.

The whole procedure is under medical supervision.

In addition to smoking cessation treatment, other medical and psychological issues that may exist, are also dealt with 

From the first session NON smoker!