Excess weight  and fat accumulation is not an asset to boast about.

Excess fat and body weight pose important health risks, especially when the excess fat accumulates around the abdomen, as it reflects the internal image of the body.

Excess belly fat definitely means increased visceral fat. Internal, hidden fat, which is deposited around the vital organs (spleen, pancreas, heart, liver, etc.) and makes breathing and blood circulation more arduous.

In other words for every inch that the waist circumference is larger than the chest circumference 1.5 years from a person’s life expectancy should be subtracted! 

In simpler more understandable terms…

Belly fat is responsible for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several cancers. Belly fat indicates the accumulation of toxins in fat cells and the accumulation of toxic heavy metals.

Excess weight

Excess weight

To be healthy, you need to lose excess belly fat right away!

To get rid of excess weight you need to take  3 actions:

  • Medical acupuncture
  • Strict diet
  • Excercise

When it comes to exercising to lose excess fat, scientific research has consistently highlighted the effectiveness of high-intensity exercise (HIIT). Add to your daily routine an energetic – brisk walk for at least 60 consecutive minutes and your belly fat will disappear.

To help in your endeavor medical acupuncture will assist in order to obtain results more easily and remain permanent.