A thorough clinical examination is carried out by an otorhinolaryngologist for the diagnostic evaluation of allergic rhinitis. Rhinoscopy, and if necessary, nasal endoscopy will be performed. Often, a chronic rhinitis is easily characterized as being allergic without having performed the necessary examinations, resulting in the mis-diagnosis of the rhinitis and therefore, not managed appropriately.

Allergic Rhinitis.ent

Allergic Rhinitis

Skin Prick Tests are the appropriate skin tests that will be performed by the specialized ENT surgeon at EYiasis medical centre, in order to identify the allergens that cause the allergy.

We must not forget that rhinitis can be the expression of a systemic problem. In other words, allergic rhinitis is the most common chronic rhinitis but not the only one. Blood tests show sensitization to allergens, but they do not replace skin prick tests, but they support their diagnosis.