Our voice is produced by the most seductive human organ is the larynx, for many reasons. Mainly because it has multiple tasks as it participates in speech, breathing and swallowing. 

Our voice is the sound that air makes when it is forced out of our lungs and passes over our vocal cords. Vocal cords are the 2 folds of tissue inside the larynx, also called the voice box. The vibration of those cords is what produces speech. We could say it’s our signature sound.

Our voice often characterizes and transfers our moods and emotions. If we use it correctly, our reasoning is more powerful and we are more effective in both our professional and personal lives.

For normal, melodic speech, our vocal cords need to touch together smoothly inside the larynx. Anything that interferes with vocal cord movement or contact can cause a voice disorder. Many voice disorders can be cured and treated when diagnosed early.

How are voice disorders diagnosed?



The most comprehensive way to examine the larynx is with a laryngeal endoscopy. EYiasis ENT department will take a comprehensive medical history and perform a full ENT and vocal examination in order to suggest the most appropriate therapy in each case.

Causes of Vocal Discomfort:

talking in places with a lot of noise,
smoke or air conditioning.