The Mechanisms responsible for Light Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are the photochemical reactions that occur when the tissues absorb the light waves. Due to the fact that they have a highly stimulating effect on cells and tissues, they are also called biostimulating LLLTs.

Equally important is that LLLT has no thermal reaction and is completely safe.

Mechanisms responsible for the therapeutic effect of EY-LLLT:

The biological effects of LLLT take place at the cellular or even intra-cellular levels, therefore, their therapeutic results are not immediately visible or perceived by the patient. Most of the time, it takes several hours or even days for the therapeutic effects to fully appear.

Mechanisms responsible for ΕΥ-LLLT therapeutic Effects.ent

Mechanisms responsible for ΕΥ-LLLT therapeutic Effects

The molecular and cellular mechanisms of LLLT suggest that photons are absorbed by the mitochondria. Quite simply, the entry of this beam of light into the body, charges the body’s cells with energy, thus, activating the mechanisms the body utilizes to heal naturally.

Moreover, today it is scientifically proven that by using therapeutic LLLT, we visibly raise the energy of the cells of the body, thus:

  • promote self-healing 
  • decrease pain and inflammation,
  • stimulate collagen metabolism and wound healing

When the electromagnetic waves of a single frequency enter the body:

  • The body’s self-healing mechanism is enhanced.
  • Toxic substances are eliminated from the body on a larger scale.
  • Blood circulation to the treated organic tissue receives positive therapeutic stimuli.
  • Improved skin elasticity due to collagen .activation


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