Occupational and professional voice users such as actors, singers and teachers, are at greater risk for developing voice disorders. For all of these individuals, the voice and spoken communication is an essential part of what they do.Furthermore, the consequences for even a minor voice disorder can have a significant impact on the user. Most voice disorders are readily treatable when diagnosed properly, therefore, these professionals should be treated without delay by otorhinolaryngologists (EYiasis-ENT).

EY-LLLT has been known for its beneficial effects on tissue healing and its analgesic action in skin and oral applications, thus vocal fold pathologies are also deemed disorders to be treated by LLLT.

Studies show that EY-LLLT is capable of stimulating epithelial cell proliferation and migration in cultures as well as increasing the expression of some genes involved in tissue healing, therefore regaining the physiological anatomy of the vocal cords and voice box.

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