It is of utmost importance that the patients know that hyperacusis is not a life threatening disorder. We need to explain that the ears are overly sensitive because the brain volume-control is stuck at the level “high”. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the volume-control setting and restore it to a normal range.

We encourage patients to slowly reduce the use of ear plugs because studies have found that their daily use will result in reduced sound tolerance. Also, we encourage patients to gradually increase their exposure to sound in safe and predictable environments.

Management of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

At EYASIS center we recommend EY-LLLT (Low level laser therapy) along with an acupuncture protocol for tinnitus and hyperacusis.

EY-LLLT treatment is applied to the external auditory canal and induces bio-stimulation directly on the connective tissue in the ear. This results in improved oxygenation and increased immunity in order to rapidly regenerate the auditory cells. Thus, favoring cellular rejuvenation of the auditory cells and thereby helping to optimize hearing and reduce tinnitus.

Management of Hyperacusis.ent

Management of Hyperacusis

In addition, acupuncture therapy is also included with the above treatment, as there is always an emotional and psychological component to hyperacusis. Thus, acupuncture as a holistic therapy will enhance the treatment of intra-aural EY-LLLT therapy and help reduce stress, anxiety and fear. In addition, acupuncture helps improve sleep, so the patient will feel relaxed and physically and mentally rested.

The beneficial effect of acupuncture will help the patient feel more capable to cope with these unpleasant symptoms.