Treatment of idiopathic neurosensory Hearing Loss remains controversial and lacks a universally accepted treatment protocol. Nonetheless, many proprietary medicinal products have been used to improve the prognosis of patients such as, glucocorticoids, antivirals, anticoagulants, vasodilators and anti-inflammatory agents as well as the use of hyperbaric oxygen.

Treatment with intra-tympanic steroids for Sudden Hearing Loss:

The use of steroids for intratympanic administration is indicated for patients who cannot tolerate systemic administration of steroids, for patients with diabetes mellitus, immunosuppressed patients, or for patients infected with tuberculosis or HIV.

Systemic administration of steroids is the basis of SSHL treatment. However, prolonged use of high doses of steroids has significant undesirable gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, dermatological, neurological, ophthalmological, endocrinological and metabolic complications.

Hearing Loss.ent

Hearing Loss

The main benefits of intra-tympanic steroid administration:

  • Tolerable and relatively easy process for implementation
  • A high concentration of the active substance is available directly to the affected ear
  • Unlike systemic administration, topical steroid infusion selects the affected ear
  • Rare side effects or complications
  • Only the application of a local anesthetic is required
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