Children are naturally curious and often wonder how things work. One of the dangers that can occur as a result of this curiosity is that the child may place foreign bodies into their mouth, nose, or ears. While often harmless, this can create a choking hazard and put the child in danger of serious injuries or infections.

Common items that children put in their noses include small toys, pieces of eraser, food, pebbles, paired disc magnets, button batteries

Young children will forget that they have put something in their ear or nose and may be there for a long period of time. Many times a child has been given antibiotics for months to cope with a “pus drainage” from the nose, only to discover a foreign body present when examined by an otolaryngologist.

If your child constantly scratches his nose, if the nasal mucus smells bad, there is swelling and redness in the nostril or the nose bleeds often, you have to suspect that there is a foreign body present.

Symptoms of foreign bodies present in nose

  • Difficulty breathing through the affected nostril
  • Feeling of something in the nose
  • Foul-smelling or bloody nasal discharge
  • Irritability, particularly in infants
  • Irritation or pain in the nose
Foreign Bodies in the Nose.Eviasis.ent

Foreign Bodies in the Nose

What must you Do:

If the presence of a foreign body is suspected in the nose, ear or throat then it is of great importance to have the child examined by EYiasis pediatric ENT department in order to remove the object and the area to be cleaned.

What Not to DO:

DO NOT search the nose with cotton swabs or other tools. This may push the object further into the nose.
DO NOT use tweezers or other tools to remove an object that is stuck deep inside the nose.
DO NOT try to remove an object that you cannot see or one that is not easy to grasp. This can push the object farther in or cause damage.