Quit smoking

For the smoking cessation therapy we apply a specific medical protocol consisting of six sessions, combined with organic medical, essential oils and herbs in order to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, appetite and irritability.

Smoking and Respiratory Disease

Respiratory Disease caused by smoking kill more than 480,000 people in the U.S. each year, according to the CDC. In fact, smoking is directly responsible for…

Health risks from Passive Smoking

There is no safe level of exposure to passive smoking; even brief exposure can cause immediate harm. By inhaling smoke, non-smokers are exposed….

Smoking Cessation Protocol

The smoking cessation protocol consists of six medical sessions. During the first session, a complete medical history is taken,

Smoking Cessation Protocol

The protocol for smoking cessation consists of six sessions. In addition, other medical and psychological issues that may exist, are also dealt with…

How does Smoking affect the Brain

How does smoking affect the brain, that is, how does the brain experience nicotine addiction? Help the brain overcome the addiction….

Nicotine: How do we get Addicted to it?

Nicotine affects the neurons of the brain, artificially increasing the levels of dopamine – which is the hormone causing euphoria.

Increased risk of Covid-19 in young adults using Vaping

The use of e-cigarettes and Vaping, in adolescents and young adults is associated with an increased risk of Covid-19 infection, according to…

Quit smoking, Therapeutic protocol

To quit smoking, medical acupuncture is the most effective, immediate and safe, chemical-free method used worldwide. The heavier the smoker….

Health Risks of Passive Smoking

Passive smoking is a serious health risk for both those who smoke and those who do not. Children are particularly at risk of serious health effects from…

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural way to help curb the craving for nicotine when one decides to stop smoking. Acupuncture offers relief, especially in…

Advice to Help you Quit Smoking

Tobacco cravings can wear you down when you’re trying to quit smoking. Sure there will be times when you will be tempted to smoke a cigarette…

Quitting smoking: What are the immediate rewards?

Kicking the tobacco habit and quitting smoking offers some benefits that you’ll notice right away and some that will develop over time.

One cigarette can lead to smoking addiction

According to recent research, one cigarette is adequate to lead one to adopt smoking as a daily habit. At least 3 out of 5 people who try a cigarette become…

When are you ready to Quit smoking?

Kicking the tobacco habit and quit smoking offers some benefits that you’ll notice right away and some that will develop over time.

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps all those who want to quit smoking but cannot. Acupuncture, in the hands of a skilled practitioner,is a highly effective aid in the…