How does smoking affect the brain, that is, how does the brain experience nicotine addiction? Help the brain overcome the addiction and quit smoking with acupuncture?

How does smoking affect the brain?

How does smoking affect the brain.ent

How does smoking affect the brain

Dopamine is the hormone that makes us feel joy, happiness and euphoria and it’s secreted by the brain naturally. With smoking, nicotine enters the body and triggers the secretion of dopamine from the brain automatically. Therefore, smoking causes the artificial increase of dopamine levels in the body, thus, the brain reduces the natural secretion of dopamine gradually and becomes fully dependent on nicotine for its artificial secretion. As a result dopamine is only secreted when smoking, hence, the feeling of joy and euphoria are only present when one smokes.

This explains the reason why when smoking is stopped we feel spiritless, pessimistic and sad.This dangerous game between dopamine and nicotine is a continuous cycle that needs to be stopped and the brain re-trained to produce dopamine naturally once again.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture helps us quit smoking in various ways. According to the prevailing theory, acupuncture stimulates cranial nerves and activates specific structures in the brain, which enhance the production and secretion of endorphins and serotonin, the “pleasure hormones”. Acupuncture quickly balances the levels of these hormones, significantly reducing the withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, acupuncture treatments reduce stress and anxiety, decrease appetite, increase concentration and relaxation and accelerate the detoxification of the body.