The smoking cessation protocol consists of six medical sessions.

During the first session, a complete medical history is taken, the patient is examined and then under medical supervision, a treatment protocol of 5 sessions consisting of holistic medical acupuncture and auricular acupuncture combined with special organic medical essential oils and herbs is followed.

Treatment starts on Monday where the first three sessions take place:

  • Complete ENT medical examination,
  • ear acupuncture and
  • body-acupuncture.

The next three sessions are held on Wednesday, Friday and finally Monday.

The patient is requested to not smoke for three hours before starting the smoking cessation protocol!

The whole process is under medical supervision.

Smoking Cessation Protocol.ent

Smoking Cessation Protocol

In addition to smoking cessation treatment, we treat other medical and psychological issues that may be present, we control stress, anxiety, insomnia, appetite, irritability.


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