Quit Smoking…be a Non smoker from the first session.

Medical acupuncture is the most effective, immediate and safe, chemical-free method used worldwide to stop smoking. The heavier the smoker, the easier it is to quit.

All you need to do is decide to QUIT!

The therapeutic protocol for smoking cessation consists of a 5-session personalized, medical acupuncture, protocol. The protocol is personalized depending on the patients medical history.

The therapy includes holistic medical acupuncture, auricular acupuncture in combination with specific medical essential oils. The treatment is completed in eight days.

What is the effect of medical acupuncture when we want to quit smoking?

Quit Smoking.ent

Quit Smoking

1) NO need of nicotine or other chemicals
2) NO deprivation syndrome
3) Smoke begins to smell BAD and irritate the nose
4) NO anxiety or stress
5) Does not gain weight
6) from the first session a non-smoker

Painless, relaxing therapeutic protocol with no unpleasant symptoms.